Tour of the Wichita’s Bike Ride

June 18, 2016 @ 8:00 am
25 - 45


Enjoy the Tour of the Wichitas 2016!
We will have SAG support, but before trying to conquer 46-66 miles of the Wichita Mountains, please choose your ride responsibly. Be mindful of the distance and your endurance in the hot June temperatures. We want everyone back to the finish line before 2:00 pm to enjoy the fellowship at the end of the ride.
This is a ride suitable for beginners and experienced cyclists, but there is a portion of it on a busy highway. As of yet, it is not a closed course so caution should be taken before you consider enrolling very young riders.

The 16 mile ride will be from the starting point near NW 82nd Street & Quanah Parker Trailway, west along the shoulder of state highway 62, to the Cache exit and back. It is a designated bike path with adequate shoulder along this roadway, but vehicles do travel at highway speeds.

The most scenic part of the ride starts at the north turn onto highway 115 as you pedal into the beautiful Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge.

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